Presenting: Coopérative Vin de Liège

Founded in 2010, the Vin de Liège social cooperative was the first of its kind in Wallonia. It now has over 2,300 members and is supported by various Walloon investment funds. In addition to the support provided by the members, they are involved in the work in the vineyard and the cellar, enabling everyone to take ownership of the project. Vin de Liège is currently the largest vineyard of resistant grape varieties, and has been certified organic since its inception.



  • Surface: 16,3ha
  • Varieties: Johanniter B, Souvignier gris N, Muscaris B, Solaris B, Pinotin N, Cabernet Cortis N, Divico N, diverses variétés résistantes VCR en test.
  • Production: ±80.000 bouteilles



Fabrice Colignon, président

Alec Bol, administrateur-délégué

rue Fragnay 64

4682 Heure-le-Romain

Tél. 04 344 00 14

0472 52 50 03 (Alec)

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