Presenting: Vignoble des Trois Rois

The “Vignoble des Trois Rois” takes its name from the locality in Visé where it was established in 2021 by Samuel Deuse, the third generation of a family of arboriculturists. With a bachelor’s degree in foreign trade and supply chain management, he was looking for a new direction in 2019 and, inspired by his neighbours at Vin de Liège, he planted four hectares of vines in 2021, followed by a further three in 2022. He has entrusted the monitoring of the vineyard and the production of his wines to the consultants in the firm of Stéphane Derenoncourt, one of the most fashionable oenologists in Bordeaux and the rest of the world. At the same time, he continues to manage 45 hectares of pear trees and 5 of apple trees.


  • Surface: 7ha
  • Varieties: Solaris B, Souvignier gris N, Muscaris B, Cabernet Cortis N, Chardonnay B
  • Production: 15,000 bottles from 2023


Samuel Deuse

chemin de l’Aunis 92

4680 Hermée (Oupeye)

0497 32 11 04

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