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Founded in 2021 by Rik Froyen and Jos Mechelmans as part of the city of Genk’s participatory budget projects, MineWine vzw aims to help people in the social economy gain knowledge about viticulture so they can become “wine workers”. Between 1 May and 14 June 2022, the association and some 20 volunteers planted three plots near a slag heap (Zwartberg, Winterslag, Bemdekenstraat).


  • Surface: 1ha
  • Varieties: Grünfrankisch B, Grüner Adelfränkisch B, Gelbe Kleinberger B, Riesling B, Ruländer/Pinot gris B, Gewürztraminer
  • Production: Not yet in production


Rik Froyen

Sint-Martensbergstraat 16

3600 Genk

Tél. 0472 69 84 02

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