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For Jacques Purnode, winegrowing is above all a hobby. Still, he has been selling his bottles for 4 years. “I aim to produce quality wines – which is a real challenge – that I can give to my friends and that they will remain friends.” Aware of the challenges posed by the climate, his main aim is to share both the cultivation of the vines and the winemaking process in the cellar.



  • Surface: 0,33ha
  • Varieties: Pinot noir N, Cabernet dorsa N, Chardonnay B, Auxerrois B, Cabernet blanc B, Johanniter B and Muscaris B
  • Production: 1.000 – 1.300 bottles


Jacques Purnode

Holliguette 451

4654 Charneux

Tél. 0471 26 50 80

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