Presenting: Vignoble des Templiers

Christian Eymael and his wife Sonia Crohain have planted almost 10,000 vines in 2021 on the neighbouring meadows of the listed family château de la Tour au Bois in Villers-le-Temple, with the aim of rapidly growing to 7 hectares. The first bottles will not be released until 2024. Some 30,000 bottles of white and sparkling wines are expected.


  • Surface: 4,4ha
  • Varieties: Johanniter B, Solaris B, Souvignier gris
  • Production: expected in 2024


Christian et Sonia Eymael

rue Tour au Bois 1

4550 Villers-le-Temple (Nandrin)

Tel. 0495 90 45 36

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