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Anna and her husband Kurt planted 800 vines in 2016 with the aim of producing their own wine. The couple also produce cider and apple juice. In 2021, Anna completed her training and is now a full-time winemaker, while her husband manages the orchard. Some 1,600 vines were also planted that same year. The 2020 harvest produced two white wines and a rosé.

“We decided to plant these varieties, Anna explains, because they are less susceptible to fungal diseases. By growing these varieties, we need to use less plant protection products and can make a more environmentally friendly wine. It is very important to us that viticulture is done with passion, vision and knowledge, with respect for people and nature.”


  • Surface: 0,5ha
  • Variety: Souvignier Gris B, Johanniter B, Solaris B, Cabernet Cantor N et Cabernet Cortis N 
  • Production: 1500 bottles (soon in full production)


Annamarie Umbria  

Tel. 0499 28 08 57 

Kurt Meers 

Tel. 0474 67 56 96 

Trulstraat 18 

3730 Hoeselt

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