Presenting: Winegrower Au bout de l’allée

Xavier Regout, head of the company Profructis, has been working in arboriculture for more than 30 years. In 2021, to diversify his activities, he and Nicolas Hagesleteen will plant 0.15 hectares of Cabaret noir vines in his garden, and 2 hectares the following year. Their goal: to produce red wines (Garanoir and Cabaret noir). At least initially, as planting continues with white grape varieties, which are also resistant: Muscaris and Solaris in 2023 and Sauvignac in 2024.


  • Surface: 2.15ha
  • Varieties: Cabaret noir N, Garanoir N
  • Production: Not yet in production


Xavier Regout et Nicolas Hagelsteen

Bout de l’Allée 5

4608 Neufchâteau (Dalhem)

Tél. 0475 58 75 54

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