Presenting: winegrower Brialmont

Besides his small plot of “Vin des Ronces”, Jean-Sébastien Brisbois has decided to shift up a gear and plans to plant 5 to 15 hectares in 2023 and 2024. In preparation, in collaboration with Fabien Marra, he has established a small experimental plot with some 20 varieties, including the new resistant varieties from the Italian cooperative VCR. For now, Jean-Sébastien is in training at the Champagne estate of Moussé & Fils.


  • Surface: 0.05ha
  • varieties: 25 classic and resistant varieties
  • Production: Not yet in production


Jean-Sébastien Brisbois

Rue du Tombeux 2

4130 Tilff (Esneux)

Tél. 0498 20 14 53

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