Presenting: winegrower Domaine Bellum Fagetum

Domaine Bellum Fagetum, which overlooks the Ourthe and Vesdre valleys in the Beaufays along the Ravel, was founded in 2021 by Judith Michel and her partner Geoffrey Prinsens, who set up a cooperative to help them finance and manage the project. It has about 400 cooperators who meet at least every two months. It has also set up a real estate company to purchase an additional nine hectares to be planted in 2023-24. The ambition is to produce 25,000 bottles with the 2023 harvest. Priority for sparkling wines.


  • Surface: 5ha
  • Varieties: Solaris B, Johanniter B, Souvignier gris B, Muscaris B
  • Production: not yet in production


Judith Michel and Geoffrey Prinsens

Aux Grands Champs 47

4052 Beaufays

Tel. 0497 34 00 85

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